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Superior Baseball Bio Jet Cook

Jet Cook

Jet Cook is the original founder of Superior Baseball. His…

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Jet Cook is the original founder of Superior Baseball. His passion for baseball and commitment to helping young athletes inspired him to create a program unlike any other. Jet has been coaching youth baseball teams, working with professional baseball organizations, and guiding countless players to college baseball programs for more than 20 years. As the founder of Superior Baseball, he has assembled an incredibly dedicated family of players, coaches, parents, and fans brought together in full force through his many years as a leader in youth baseball. His coaching philosophy has been implemented by hundreds of high school and amateur coaches around the nation. Jet’s positive impact can be felt in each relationship that he creates. He understands how beneficial a baseball program can be with the right organization, coaches, and strategies. Jet aims to fully maximize the experience of each and every player who joins the Superior Baseball family.

Superior Baseball's John Schulz

John Schulz

John Schulz is a dedicated leader in the Superior Baseball…

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John Schulz is a dedicated leader in the Superior Baseball family. He has over 20 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies including VF Corporation and Home Depot. Throughout his career he has taken pride in his contributions to countless early and mid stage start-up companies. Joining the Superior Baseball family was an easy choice for John because of his passion for empowering young athletes to achieve their goals. John understands the complexity of advancing players from youth programs to college teams. He was able to learn this process first hand while guiding his own son through the process before sending him off to the Oregon Institute of Technology on an athletic scholarship.

Superior Baseball Bio Ryan Lamb

Ryan Lamb

Ryan Lamb is an athlete, a leader, and a coach in the Superior…

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Ryan Lamb is an athlete, a leader, and a coach in the Superior Baseball family. He has played multiple sports throughout his lifetime and has always seen the value in training and competing as a team. He was a division one quarterback at Central Michigan where he graduated with an entrepreneurship degree. Since then he has worked as an operations coordinator for multiple small businesses in addition to dedicating much of his time after graduating to organizing and coaching camps and providing private training lessons for youth athletes.

Superior Baseball Bio Mark Senefsky

Mark Senefsky

Mark Senefsky is the strategic marketing and technology leader…

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Mark Senefsky is the strategic marketing and technology leader at Superior Baseball. For over 20 years he has mastered the art of creating effective campaigns and connecting people. Mark has implemented online marketing and ticketing solutions for organizations including the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Arizona Cardinals. His vision and leadership continues to help Superior Baseball adopt and leverage established and emergent marketing and technology strategies. In addition to working behind the scenes, Mark is a father who is committed to creating a positive impact in the lives of the young men, coaches, parents, and fans of Superior Baseball.

Superior Baseball Alumni Robbie Johnson

Alumni: Robbie Johnson

University of Sioux Falls

Playing for Coach Cook were some of the greatest times of my career. Not only did he contribute to my knowledge of the game, he taught me how to be a better man off the field as well. Coach Cook made the game fun, and I’m incredibly grateful for the lessons he taught that I’ll carry with me my entire life.


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