College Showcase Camps

Superior Baseball Camps are structured to ensure maximum value for each player in terms of exposure, coaching, and experience. Each camp provides position based training and hitting workouts from experts, including retired professional MLB players. Every player will receive a one-on-one written evaluation. Our partnerships with trusted baseball organizations allow us to host our camps at the top baseball facilities around the world. We look forward to welcoming new players at each camp as well as enhancing the skill sets of our existing player network.

Our camps are designed by professional coaches at the high school, college, and MLB level. Our coaches have years of professional experience and understand first hand what it takes in order for athletes to achieve their goals in baseball. We are committed to providing a unique experience for each player with a focus on enhancing skills, providing collegiate exposure, and ultimately preparing athletes for the next level. We are committed to cultivating strong relationships between players and coaches in order to develop a legacy of baseball players that respect the game throughout their lives. Select players may be invited to join Superior Baseball’s National Travel Teams and compete in top tournaments around the United States.

Superior Baseball Alumni Alex Wall

Alumni: Alex Wall

Cal State University, San Marcos

Playing for Coach Cook was an awesome experience. We competed at a high level while having an absolute blast. Coach Cook was instrumental in sending me to play D2 Baseball at Cal State University, San Marcos. Coach Cook brings the perfect combination of fun and competitiveness to the game!


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Superior Baseball Alumni John Schulz

Testimonial: Jordan Greenway


“ Throughout my 18-year baseball career, I have trained with some of the best coaches around the nation. Jet Cook was by far the best of them all. What set Jet apart from all of the others is that he actually cared. Unlike all the other coaches, Jet is the only one that showed a genuine passion for my future as a collegiate baseball player. Whatever he promises, he achieves. Now that my career is over, I can gladly say that Jet is not only my ex-baseball coach but also a good friend.”